Rehabilitation after injury isometric horizontal vector illustration showing stage of physiotherapy with use of medical equipment and trainers


These are usually performed as a very fast and accurate movements of joints to improve the mobility and function of yours soft tissues and joints. It provides pain relief and increases flexibility. It is the one of the most common health approaches used by the practitioners for various health benefits.

  • 43% people use this treatment for general well or disease prevention.
  • 25% people uses for mind and body
  • 16-20% for improving energy and immune function.

Mobilisation ( Massage Theraapy)

These are gentle small movements in bones and soft tissues to relieve painful tensions stiffness and improve quality of movement. It includes,

  • Gentle Spinal Movements
  • Soft tissue massages
  • Triger point release
  • Neurodynamic
  • Nerve Glides

Postural Advice

Poor postures cause muscular and joint overloads leading to muscular skeletal disorders like CTS, Tendinitis, Ligament pain etc. Hence correcting the poor posture will help to minimise the pain and discomfort in body.

  • We provide assessments and diagnostics for postural habits
  • Activity modification
  • DSE Assessments/Prescriptions

These along with other treatment techniques help to improve poor postures and functioning of individua

Interferantial Therapy (IFT)

IFT is application of low frequency electric current to stimulate nerve activity which in turn gives you pain relief increases blood supply, reduces muscle spasm and strength muscles without unpleasant side effects associated low frequency stimulation.

Physiological benefits,

  • Pain relief
  • Muscle Stimulation
  • Relaxing Muscle Spasm
  • Increase in blood flow
  • Decrease in swelling
  • Reducing Inflammation

Display Screen Equipment Assessment (DSP)

DSE Assessment looks at how the screen is used and assesses the risks to the user and then takes the action to reduce the risks. Anyone using a computer/screen at work should have DSE Assessment. It is a legal responsibility of your employer to arrange an DSE Assessment for each worker under DSE Regulation 1992/2002.


Acupuncture is a treatment derived from ancient Chinese medicines where fine needles are inserted in certain points of body for therapeutic or preventive purposes. It involves stimulating nerve resulting in body producing pain releasing substance like endorphins. A course of acupuncture creates a long-lasting pain relief than a single standalone session

Rarely there could be some mild short term side effects which will be explained to you by our therapists prior to the treatment.

Online/Face to Face Exercise Prescription

In the light of present time with covid, we are providing online sessions to promote self-management and safety of our patients. We use a special exercise app to send out special personalised exercise plan for each individual created by our expert physiotherapists.

Exercises provide various health benefits like restoring body from injury and the effects of disability. Improves strength, flexibility and range of movements.


Ultrasound therapy is used to increase blood supply in a localised area to reduce swelling and inflammation in that area, it is also used to enhance healing of a bone fracture. It helps to soften any existing scart issues.